Welcome to Erda Botanicals

Study nature.
Love nature.
Stay close to nature, it will never fail you.

(Frank Lloyd Wright)

Erda Botanicals create natural and unique floral designs for events, restaurants, brands, funerals, gifts or for your home. I love to bring a little bit of the wild side to you using only seasonal British grown flowers and foraged elements.

Erda is the Anglo Saxon word for earth. The name reflects the essence of what I do, earthy and grounded, both in nature and the seasons.

My creations can be adapted for many environments.


Learn how to explore your creativity using only foraged elements and locally grown seasonal flowers. It’s a time for you to connect with nature.


I love to work on collaborations with other creatives and likeminded people.

Cutting Garden

How does the garden grow. From seed to bloom to decay.


A look at what I do, from bouquets to sympathy flowers to installations and foraged sculptures.

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